Dimensions of Learning – Part 2

Learning as a habit.

Following our aim to be a great school, we have had to explore what we mean by this and what our ‘output’ should be.

Lots of schools have focussed on exam results as their ‘measurable’, boasting about how many students gained some arbitrary  measure of ‘success’. Others boast about preparing students for careers, completely missing the point that students need to be able to re-create themselves many times over in the modern workplace.

For us, we want our students to leave with the skills necessary for continued, sustainable and real life-long learning. A huge part of this is the development of deep learning tools, or as Art Costa described them, effective ‘Habits of Mind’.



The most effective learners have developed powerful habits of mind that enable them to think critically, think creatively, and regulate their behaviour. These mental habits are:


Critical thinking:

  • Be accurate and seek accuracy
  • Be clear and seek clarity
  • Maintain an open mind
  • Restrain impulsivity
  • Take a position when the situation warrants it
  • Respond appropriately to others’ feelings and level of knowledge

Creative thinking:

  • Persevere
  • Push the limits of your knowledge and abilities
  • Generate, trust, and maintain your own standards of evaluation
  • Generate new ways of viewing a situation that are outside the boundaries of standard conventions

Self-regulated thinking:

  • Monitor your own thinking
  • Plan appropriately
  • Identify and use necessary resources
  • Respond appropriately to feedback
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your actions

With the overlay of 21st Century Skill development, alongside the Marzano Dimensions of learning, we have prepared a true, modern foundation on which to create our unique pedagogy, which I will explore further in future posts.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 14.16.25

(Picture courtesy of Tamara Sullivan, Dean of e-learning, Ormiston College, Brisbane, Australia)

Dimensions of Learning – Part 2

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